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COMMENTS RE-OPENED 9/17/13 Knock it off.

Since this video makes idiot levels skyrocket, I'll set this straight off the back. Pay attention, stupid questions will get stupid responses.

These videos were part of an "alternate-reality game" created by the folks at SomethingAwful, and they were about a fictional television broadcast signal hijacking akin to the real Max Headroom Pirating Incident in 1987.

This is a compilation of the original videos I made, intended to present a simulation of what the intrusion may have looked like in reality. I suppose we can now consider this as up for archival purposes, as most of the original uploads have vanished. The last one in this may not even be part of the original ARG.

UPDATE: These guys explain it better than I have the attention span to:

To put it simple: It's Fake.


-The music during the "SPECIAL PRESENTATION" bit? WGBH ident played backwards and slowed-down.

-For some reason this went viral in Russia.

-This is the oldest upload containing the original videos... not sure why people find it necessary to copy/reupload it to their own profile, let alone include "Original Upload" in the title when it clearly isn't.

-the Mitt Romney bit that is "hijacked" was purely coincidental; this is not an endorsement of any kind for any political party or candidate as it was made eons ago (I am totally apolitical, myself). I think I just YouTube-searched something along the lines of "Wyoming news" and this was one of the first things to show up. Meh.

-1,000,000 views sometime around the summer of 2012; thanks?

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