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this is the real video, i am very sure of it, you see i was there and saw the video in the editing room and i can tell you that what i saw i'll never forget it haunts my dreams all the time and i have since now come across it again when i was given it on a DVD by an old buddy who also witnessed it, however i dont remember the quality being so screwed so this creeps me out a lot, though every scene is here and it's still as disturbing as it was back then, i'm only guessing that this was tampered with because of the dead children, and watching this i came across what looks like the girl but i haven't slept for quite a few days now because it's stuck in my mind and it will never ever leave and i can assure you that there are some very disturbing images here however the distortion makes it hard to see now which is probably a good thing. it looks as though the frames containing the children is blurred/pixelated and god knows what for obvious reasons and i'm glad because i never want to see those images again. the video that we saw in the editing room is floating around somewhere my buddy apparently does not have it and this worries me

One thing i have noticed with this copy is squidward actual suicide scene isn't the one we saw, it's the one from Red Mist, the one we saw was much more serious and more disturbing

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