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This video was sent to us from a viewer that wishes to remain anonymous. It shows the same video before and after the stroke of midnight, and how the two are very different. There is an old urban legend surrounding the video itself. It is a Japanese Kleenex commercial from the 80's. When it first aired there were different legends about it. Some said the woman in the advert died, or gave birth to a demon baby after recording the advert. Others said that the advert was cursed and people who watched it would commit suicide. It is now considered to be just an urban legend, and there is no evidence for any real deaths associated with the video, however we experienced some very strange phenomena when we recieved this video file! The first time we played it, we experienced a power cut the moment the video finished. All the lights in the house went out and our laptop that we were playing the video on switched off instantly (normally in a power cut it would just switch to battery power and remain on). The second time we were able to play the video, but no matter what we try, we cannot open the file in any video editor, nor can we convert the video file. We had to just upload the raw footage.

What do you think? Could it be a prank played by the video uploader, or maybe a weird youtube easter egg? Or maybe the curse is real!

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